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  • DAFFPL started its commercial operations in July of 2010 when T-III was opened for the public.
  • DAFFPL owns the ATF Facility which includes the On-site facility (earlier owned by BPCL) at Aviation Fuelling Station, Shahbad Mohammad Pur, IGI Airport, New Delhi & the Aviation Fuel Hydrant System (AFHS) at Terminal-III at IGI Airport.
  • The Fuel Farm facility owned by DAFFPL at Aviation Fuelling Facility situated at Shahbad Mohammad Pur, IGI Airport comprises of  dedicated tankage, Aviation Fuel Hydrant System (AFHS) and ancillary facilities for ensuring the uninterrupted supply of ATF to IGI Airport having a combined fuel storage capacity of approximately 42,000 kilolitres of ATF.
  • IndianOil Skytanking Limited (IOSL) has been appointed as the Operator to operate, manage & maintain the Fuel Farm on behalf of DAFFPL.
  • IndianOil Skytanking Limited (IOSL) & BHARAT STARS Services Private Limited (BSSPL) operating as Into Plane Agent (ITP), responsible for providing fuelling, defueling & refueling activities to Air Carriers.
  • ATF is transferred from the oil refineries & stored in storage tanks at BPCLs' & IOCLs' Offsite facility situated at Bijwasan.
  • This ATF is then supplied via the common pipeline & tank trucks from BPCL & IOCL's Off-site facility to the On-site facility of DAFFPL.
  • Now this ATF is transferred to the Aviation Fuelling Hydrant System (AFHS) at T-III from where it is ultimately supplied to the Air Carriers through the help of ITP's.