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Organisational Structure of DAFFPL

To ensure superior decision-making, DAFFPL requires a structure and governance model that provides it with autonomy, stature and continuity. Thus, the organisation has a tiered decision-making structure comprising:

Board of Directors
Sub-Committees of the Board
Support committees (non-board level)
Management Executives

Each has a clear-cut role in DAFFPL ’s operations, activities and strategy to facilitate the organisation’s mandate of providing efficient fuelling infrastructure at Terminal-III with enhanced flexibility and effectiveness.

The eight (08) member board has three (03) representatives each from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. [IOCL] and Bharat Petroluem Corporation Ltd. [BPCL] and two (02) representatives from Delhi International Airport (P.) Ltd.[DIAL].

The non-board committees comprises members from the various domain experts from IOCL/ BPCL/ DIAL and the business is run by professionals managers.

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